Sebastian Romero 

     From a young age, I was always attracted to visual story telling. I vividly remember looking through my grandfather's camera and being fascinated by life through the lens. As someone who had a hard time expressing themselves as a kid, I found photography to be an easy outlet in which to share my love and joy for the world. This budding passion grew through the years and led me to pursue a career as a photographer. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography, my heart led me to the magical island of Kauai. 


Photography is my art.
Being of service brings me joy.
Weaving the two is my purpose.

      It is a great honor to be of service to you on your wedding day, to capture the love and connection between family and friends. My compassionate, light hearted nature enables to me to create a safe and fun environment where people can be their most authentic, expressive selves. Many years of experience has given me a deep understanding of the many moving parts of a wedding. I work closely with all vendors to ensure all your needs are met and that you are left with timeless, elegant images of your special day, and your unique love.

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